SickKids + Camp STEAM

Camp STEAM Canada is pleased to support SickKids (The Hospital for Sick Children) in Toronto, with their recruitment efforts for their important research.


The CALIPER study is a Canada-wide effort working to help healthcare workers accurately diagnose and treat children at SickKids, and other children’s hospitals across Canada. This is done through creating a database of healthy blood test values, which doctors reference. Healthy children and adolescents can donate their blood sample to help build this database.

Who Can Participate, What’s Involved and Benefits of Participation

Participation in the CALIPER study involves 3 things:
1)  Completion of a consent form and questionnaire
2)  Waist, height and weight measurements
3)  A small blood donation (it only takes 20 seconds!)

Participants will receive their choice of either a CALIPER t-shirt or teddy bear, as well as 2 volunteer hours and a $10 honorarium.

To learn more about CALIPER study or to sign-up to participate, visit their website or contact:
CALIPER Project Coordinators, The Hospital for Sick Children
416-*813-7654 Ext. 202673 or

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